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If there is a floor we can clean it!

At Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning we use Pro-chem trucks to provide quality carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning for the residents of Sierra Vista, AZ and the surrounding communities of Fort Huachuca, Huachuca City, Hereford, Bisbee, and Tombstone. Big Birds Carpet Cleaning is your FIRST choice for carpet cleaning in Sierra Vista. Hot Water Extraction method of cleaning carpets in Sierra Vista is the best and most recommended process for cleaning today’s high quality carpets. It is the process recommended by most carpet manufactures to be the primary method for quality carpet cleaning. The pressurized hot water extraction process uses a combination of high water pressure for agitation, and hot water to increase reaction rate. This method, commonly called “Steam Cleaning”, will use hot water anywhere between 120-250 degrees. We use professional cleaning solutions, odor removers, and protectants for your home or business. If you have been in this area for any period of time you have seen our work! In Sierra Vista we service the Cinemark Theater at the Mall as well as restaurants like McDonalds and The Pizza Hut Bistro.

We are the experts for Tile Cleaning in Sierra Vista

Owning a home or apartment in Sierra Vista, AZ., is a great thing, but keeping one tidy and presentable is not. The amount of work that can be put into a home to keep it looking great is tremendous and exhausting. Luckily, there is an easy trick to doing so and that is keeping your floors clean. While things like carpet can be vacuumed, hard surfaces sometimes require a little more work. Tile cleaning is one of the easiest ways to keep your hard floors looking great and make your home shine.

From across Sierra Vista, AZ people are looking at their floors and wondering when they will find the time to tidy them up. There is no need to wonder any longer as Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning is your FIRST choice for Tile Cleaning in Sierra Vista!.

Washing tile sounds like a simple enough task until you try and do it. There are convenient and normal ways like mopping or sweeping but that often leaves your floors looking like they are missing something. Many of the professionals in Sierra Vista, AZ have already discovered the tricks to getting the floors looking super clean and brand new in appearance. If you have ever tried to clean your floors yourself you can attest to the fact that there are literally hundreds of products that can be used and even more methods and ways to do it. Professional tile cleaning services know all the tricks as well as what chemicals to use of your floors to get them looking their best.

So maybe you don’t think that washing tile is too daunting of a task for your Sierra Vista, AZ home, but you just don’t have the time. After a long day spent working the last thing most people thing about is working more by tidying up their homes. By hiring a professional service to do this you can take a breath and relax while someone else does the work for a change!

Utilizing tile cleaning services for your Sierra Vista, AZ home is a great way to save time and keep your home looking good. Few things in your residence will speak louder than a clean floor and will even make your home look much better, even if it is a little messy! Give Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning a call today and we will get your tile sparkling in no time!

Upholstery Cleaning in Sierra Vista We’re the Best in the West!

Upholstery Cleaning in Sierra Vista is best left to experienced cleaners. Using the wrong cleaning solutions or methods can further damage your furniture or even ruin it. Restoring upholstered furniture back to beauty is the end result of careful and deep down cleaning. We do not use harsh solutions that will hurt the environment or people; we use cleaning methods that are certified safe.

There are so many types of upholstered furniture, each type with its own set of cleaning rules, it can be very confusing. No use to worry, you can depend on our recommendations to get the job done properly. Specialized cleaning methods are needed according to manufacturer’s instructions and what the problem is. We offer all methods for cleaning. Our green carpet cleaning uses eight steps to clean your furniture. It will be a pleasure to see your furniture clean and beautiful once again, guaranteed.

Whether your upholstered furniture is in need of spot or stain removal or hasn’t had a good cleaning since buying the furniture, we can help you, we do it all. In the case of a fresh stain, best thing is to blot the spot with a sponge or towel and then call us immediately, do not scrub the stain, this will make things worse. Let us come your place and handle it.

A good deep cleaning will take care of removing dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and urine, and cigarette odor. We will leave your upholstered furniture clean and fresh

Our Upholstery Cleaning in Sierra Vista services include:
Spots and stain removal
Sanitizing and deodorizing
Stain shield Protection
Pet odor treatment
Disinfecting treatment
Mildew removal

Need carpet repair from carpet tears or carpet stretching?

Do you need a carpet repair? Do your carpets have bulging, claw marks, burns, tears, wrinkles, visible seams, or holes?  Carpet repair might just be for you!  If you have looked up the price for a new carpet, you know it can get pretty expensive just to get rid of those eyesores.  Many carpets can be repaired or restored if there is just a little damage, you don’t always need a total replacement.  Seam repair, carpet stretching, or a patch may be all you need.

Carpets see so much use, its no wonder they wear out.  From kids to pets, carpets can take a beating over time, so carpet repair issues can come up.  It is always best to take care of them before they become a major issue, as a carpet repair or restoration can save you a lot of money!  Things like pet stains, burns from candles, or tears from children playing can all be repaired.

Big Birds Carpet Cleaning will repair carpet, patch carpet, and restore carpet!  If your carpet is old and worn or damaged from use, we will come fix or restore it to like new condition for you.

We install carpet, laminate, and tile!

Do you need a carpet install? Are your carpets or flooring old and worn?  Big Birds Carpet Cleaning in Sierra Vista will professionally install Carpet and flooring at outrageously low rates. Carpets can wear out and need changing with room changes, we can install carpet, install laminate, and even install tile.  Big Birds Carpet Cleaning services in Sierra Vista, AZ and can assist with your next carpet replacement,  tile, or laminate installation!

Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning is the leader for Water Damage Restoration in Sierra Vista AZ!

Are you dealing with a flooded house or water damaged property? If so, we understand it can be a traumatic experience. Standing water in your home, soaking the things you cherish, can be painful. That’s why our goal is to ensure our water damage restoration & water extraction professionals help get your life and property back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Without warning your house or office can have a water heater leak, a pipe that breaks, an overflowing toilet, or a bathtub or sink that has filled and is overflowing. And everyday our water damage restoration professionals are standing by waiting to provide immediate help.

No matter how big or small the area affected is, our Water Damage Restoration professionals have the experience and equipment necessary to help get your property back to its original state. Wherever you are in the area, we can provide immediate response 24/7 and provide a free estimate for any water extraction or water damage restoration services that might be required. We are fully insured, licensed & qualified to restore your property and possessions and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

So if you’ve experienced an emergency and need a water damage restoration in Sierra Vista AZ you can trust, please call us now for a rapid response and free estimate! We can be at your property usually within 30 minutes and begin helping you get back to normal immediately! We will arrive with all the required equipment to quickly begin the dry out process to ensure we’re able to mitigate further damage.

Professional Pressure Washing in Sierra Vista AZ

Big Birds Carpet Cleaning provides a range of Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning Services for our clients and follow best practice and industry standards as outlined by the leading national organizations. Residential Pressure Washing & Commercial Pressure Washing. Call us today for all of your Pressure Washing in Sierra Vista AZ.
Why Choose Us For Pressure Washing in Sierra Vista AZ?

OUR GUARANTEE. We will never leave your home, business or managed property without making sure that you are completely satisfied with our services. We provide Pressure Washing using state of the art equipment and time tested techniques, along with environmentally friendly products, to make your property look its absolute best.
We are the Premier Pressure Washing Service in Sierra Vista AZ
We specialize in all facets of Power Washing & Exterior Cleaning for Home Owners, Business Owners along with Commercial & Residential Property Managers. We provide a wide variety of cleaning options and stain removal services.

Our Commericial & Residential Services include:
Building Facade Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning
Deck & Fences
Driveway Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
House Washing
Moss Removal
Oil Stain,Gum Removal
Parking Garages
Parking Lot Cleaning
Patios,Oil Stain Removal
Restoration & Staining
Retaining Walls & Brick
Roof Blowing
Roof Cleaning
Screen Cleaning (windows)
Sidewalk Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning & Asphalt

Your driveway, sidewalks, or parking lot and curbs is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Keep them clean and debris-free to make a great first impression. We remove dirt,grime,mold, algae, and mildew using high-pressure washing equipment. We can even remove oil spots!

Are you a business owner looking for commercial floor care in Sierra Vista AZ?

Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning offers commercial floor care in Sierra Vista AZ. Cleaning commercial tile floors should be professionally stripped and thoroughly rinsed. Commercial tile floor cleaning is followed-up with a floor sealer, and a top quality floor finish. After the clean floor is thoroughly dried, the floor is buffed to a high gloss shine. Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning will design a Commercial Floor Care maintenance program for your specific needs, based on wear, budget, scheduling and other criteria. We clean and maintain areas from a few hundred square feet to over 100,000 square feet, and provide all equipment, chemicals, supplies and labor for each job. Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning specialize in VCT (supermarket style) vinyl tile, rolled vinyl, sealed concrete floors and other waxable floor surfaces. Complete floor stripping and high speed polishing/burnishing service. Whatever type of floor you have, if you need it to look better, there’s always a way. High-gloss, shiny floor is the great way to impress your guests. Floor Cleaning Services include: Machine scrubbing flooring Floor sealing & floor finish Waxing, stripping, buffing Concrete floor sealing Tile and Grout Cleaning Steam cleaning for carpets VCT tile floor reconditioning Hard Flooring types we clean & maintain: Ceramic tile Brick Concrete Epoxy Terrazzo Masonry Vinyl Linoleum Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning will meet with you to discuss what the process entails and the expected results of the commercial tile cleaning. Big Bird’s Carpet Cleaning is your FIRST choice for commercial floor care in Sierra Vista AZ.

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